Driven by a thirst of technology, I’ve been active in the digital world before the internet took really off. I remember the old days, when we had 1200 baud modems, in those days the bits and bytes really mattered. I ran a bulletin board system for years, with 4 active phonelines.  Now 20 years, onwards, technology is still at the center of my company and household. 


A digital Jedi can’t very well call himself a Jedi, if he doesn’t have any tricks of his sleave. Domotica and other home automation always have gotten my interest. Why are not all doors equipped with fingerprint scanners, mine ARE 😛


Information needs to work for me, not take up all my time. If it safes time to automate, I will.

Digital Master Jedi: Erik-Jan Riemers

Digital Master Jedi: Erik-Jan Riemers


Never stopped playing with computers from early age. From the old to the new and constantly applying new tech and not sitting still and watering plants. These days anything that can be automated should be automated. Including my own house where i use Home Assistant to pretty much let the house think for itself from announcing when the wife comes home to getting into the house with finger print reader. Sky is the limit, so why not go to the sky?

Through the eye of a lens

Living through a lens, being aware of moments before they happen, is what we photographers live for.

Magic of the Sea

Blessed to live on Aruba, I have had many magical moments in and around the sea.

Wedding Photograpy

Over the years, hundres of happy couples have trusted my to capture their special day through a lens, please contact me for a customized quote.

Digital Graphical Specialist Paul van Driel

Digital Graphical Specialist Paul van Driel


From an early age, I knew I had a different view on life than most people around me. I love(d) to see life through a lens, therefor it was no surprise, I ended up on the University of Art & Photography. Old school dark room development, up to the latest digital photo technologies, is where my heart is.