SERVER MONITORING features as of April 22, 2024

Server Monitoring
Windows, Linux, FreeBSD & OS X Servers
VMware ESX/ESXi Hosts and VMs
Docker Monitoring
File & Directory Monitoring
Linux Syslog Monitoring
Windows Event Log Monitoring
50+ Plugin Integrations
IT Automation
IIS, SQL & Exchange Monitoring
Sharepoint, Office 365 & BizTalk Monitoring
Active Directory & Failover Cluster Monitoring
Hyper-V & Windows Server Backup Monitoring
Cron Monitoring
Public and Private Cloud
Amazon Web Services
Azure Monitoring
Google Cloud Platform Monitoring

Website Performance Monitoring
Web Page Speed (Browser)
DNS Server Monitoring
Monitoring from 90+ Global locations
Website Availability Monitoring (HTTP / HTTPS)
Website Defacement Monitoring
FTP Transfer Monitoring
REST API Monitoring
SSL/TLS Certificate Monitoring
Web Transaction (Browser) Monitoring
Real User Monitoring (Web)
End User Experience Monitoring
Monitor your Internal Network
Mail Delivery Monitoring
SOAP Web Service Monitoring
Ping Server, Port (Custom Protocol), POP Server, IMAP Server and SMTP Server Monitoring

Network Monitoring
Switch Monitoring
Router Monitoring
Firewall Monitoring
Automatic Network Discovery
Layer 2 Discovery and Mapping
SNMP Monitoring
SNMP Trap Processing
Support for 200+ Vendors


Public and Private Cloud Monitoring

Monitor usage and performance for infrastructure and PaaS running in your Amazon Web Service environment. Get a comprehesive view into the health of your EC2 server instances. Monitor resource utilization and operational health of 100+ Azure services. Analyze virtual machine workloads and host resource utilization on your vSphere environment. Check status of your Docker containers.

Real User Monitoring | RUM

In real-time, gauge experience of your web users, native mobile app users and analyze metrics segmented by browsers, platform, geography, ISP and more to fine-tune performance.

Additional Features

Mobile access
SLA management
Hosted public status pages
For Managed Service Providers
Alerts and reports
Root cause analysis