Bytework Secure Storage

Store your files in Bytework Secure Storage solution and keep your data protected against ransomware..


Are you planning to roll out 100+ desktops and need help setting up a deployment server.

Digital Protection

We offer various forms of digital protection (encryption), for data on sight, off site, transit and rest.

SSL Certified Solutions

Bytework offers end to end SSL encryptions on all our solutions.

Digital Justice

Have you been digitally breached? We retrieve where your attacker came from and possibly reverse the damage.

Mass Mailings

We offer mass mailing services with in depth analysis, whilst keeping your domain reputation up !!

Mobile Data

Bytework Secure Storeage also protects you mobile device data.


We are on all virtual platforms, from VMs to PowerApp to Docker.

Website Analitics

We offer various tools for turning website visitors into clients. Add a social campaign to your product launch.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Having been digitally active for over 30 years, we have served a variety of different business industries.

Online Stores

Health Care


Software Design & Management