Bytework Secure Hosting Services

Whether you want secure website hosting with integrated payment services, or you want to protect your company against ransomware attacks, our various services will fit every companies need.

.com $8.99/yr
.net $8.99/yr
.org $8.99/yr
.gov $8.99/yr

Our Services

From powerapps to docker instances, from physical to virtual…

Uptime Guarantee

The data center comes with it’s own hardware guarantee and provides an additional backup of our total data. All servers and switches are redundant to guarantee 100% up time..

Secure Backups

You data is continuesly stored on Bytework Secure Storage. We offer various plugins for you also to access your backup data (which is an exact copy of your life data). This is the most advanced ransom protection available on the market today.

Safe & Secure

Your data is stored in a the most advanced data centers currently available. The data centers span various sites and two different countries. We offer pass through SSL and company branding is available on most services we offer.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support means our engineers will get to know your company, so Bytework will get a better understanding what problems occur and what problems can be prevented. This information is captured by Bytework Digital Support Desk, where all customers can use our ticketing system free of charge. This also gives managers a better insight on what digital problems are happening within your company.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Is your company in a joint venture preparing a hostile take over and you need secure shareable data, feel free to consult on of our storage experts to give you a demo. All storage solutions come with fully integrated domain name features. 

We love to get all our information on our phone, so do our clients. We provide Team based solution for all levels of information sharing.

Do you need an automated document handling system customized to meet your companys needs, feel free to contact us. . 

Does your company run on slow internet connection speeds, we offer various fit for purpose hybrid solutions.

With Bytework Secure Storage, your data worries are a thing of the past. You are even able to share your secure storage with other people outside your organization. 

Let Microsoft Flow also work for your organization. We assist in training and guiding your employees in 1vs1 or 1vsmany.

Automated progress reports, readily available in the cloud.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

Feel free to contact one of our storage experts to get you started and on your way.

Easy Setup

One Click Installs

We specialize in single click logins. With our back ground in networking our domain integrated solutions provide easy of access for all your variety in login needs. Radius, you name it, we’ve worked with it.

Encryption when data is in rest state at data center

Encryption when data is in transit.

Encryption through branded domain

Encryption at your company site(s)

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

It could happen to the best of us. We hardly used Bytework as a company. When something broke, I called my IT guy. After their first visit, they insisted if we wanted to continue to work with Bytework as service provider we had to have some sort of backup solution in place. Perhaps 6 months passed and we had a ransomware outbreak. Twenty years of patient history. We called Bytework and they said we had nothing to fear. As we purchased their secure storage solution. After this incident, we have been a loyal service contract holder and never had any out breaks or digital down time.

dr Fernandez


Working with a poor internet provider, we had problems for years and since everyone on the island was having the same problems, we just accepted the fact. We are still using our ISP, but only for the internet connection. Our mail is now hosted at Microsoft in a hybride solution and we are moving toward supply chain management.

Hans Ramdien

IT Director, .

Due to a dispute with our previous IT Service company, our small company with 8 employees were stuck without any passwords and access to our domain. The same day we were up and running with a new domain and within two weeks regained control of our domain.

John Wagenaars

CEO, Zand & Stenen

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Digital Support

We have not won a single support award. We are not interested in any awards. Our rewards, is our customer satisfaction.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike any other digital service provider, all payments need to be up front. We bill our clients after the work is done, so there is never a dispute about the billing.

30 Days of Free Hosting

Are you satisfied with our hosting services, please sign up for our reseller program and get up to 30 days of free hosting. Place your personal refferal link on your website and see your hosting costs go down or even grown into Web hosting provider yourself.